Ann Cline


Situate yourself within a state of careless reverie and indulgence. A place where passion runs in excess and the worries of life simply dissolve. This is the space I look forward to sharing with you... Somewhere you will surely wish to return to.

Your desires will be met with an open mind and a gentle touch.

Allow my slender physique and sophisticated presence to soothe you out of your hectic day to day routine and into a state of pure bliss, you will learn to cherish. There is simply no better companion to lift you out of the mundane and into the spectacular.

I am here to witness your transformation when you realize there are no limitations to what we can do together. Whether we share a drink and a laugh by the bar, connect over dinner, or spend a weekend indoors... I am the perfect independent and discreet companion.


Although I am US based, I am able to meet you wherever you wish, simply indicate to me what you need in your profile and I will cater to your desires. 

I also adore couples - meeting you with your partner and creating memories neither of you will forget is incredible to me. 

I can't wait to meet you... 

Ann xo