Ann Cline


I accept Cash, Venmo, Bitcoin, PayPal. 

My gifts (honorarium) allow me to meet only a small circle of refined Gentlemen who appreciate me being selective. Extended, Weekend and Personalized Encounters are available.  Please email me for more info.  My gifts are non-negotiable.


Romantic Dinner Companion (4-6 hours)

Every Gentleman enjoys spending time with a beautiful, warm woman. Someone to share moments of laughter and  sensual eroticism.

Sensual Overnight Companion (8-12- hours)

Overnights are very popular and a perfect gift for yourself. Memories last forever and material things are forgotten. Let's create memories.

Weekend Escape Companion (36-48 hours)

Every hardworking man needs to escape reality once in a while, to come back relaxed and satisfied.

Ongoing & Exclusive Arrangements 

(Weekly / Monthly / Yearly)

Available for clients I have met and have developed a certain trust to, respect and chemistry are very important aspects of this special-arrangement-package. Once you find the right person, an arrangement is a perfect solution for the busy gentleman who for many reasons does not want a traditional and demanding relationship.


Rates are for both home & travel.

Sensuous & Sweet: (1 hr) $1000

Breathtaking Pleasures: (2 hrs) $2000

Connoisseur Sensual: (3 hrs) $2500

Magnificent Lunch/Dinner Date & Dessert: (4 hrs) $3000

All Day or Evening Indulgences: (6 hrs) $4000

All Day/Overnight Luxuries & Breakfast in Bed: (12 hrs) $5000

Weekend/2 Overnights: $10,000


Warm Greetings: (1 hr) $1,500

Sonata for Trio: (2 hrs) $2,500